BaoYeHeng wins honors "Industry Quality Benchmark" and "Model Enterprise of Brand Cultivation


On Nov. 26th, 2014, Chinese electric audio industry association has hold up “the second session of the ninth council” which was inaugurated in Enping, Guangdong. The most spotlight of the conference is that “the sixth China digital audio& video technology summit Forum” has also opened at the same time.
The conference summed up the 2014 annual industry situation and the deployment of 2015 work arrangement. In the conference, Shenzhen BaoYeHeng Industrial development Co. Ltd. has won the honor “Model enterprise of brand cultivation” in China audio industry association and “The quality benchmark in China audio industry association” because of the powerful brand influence and industry technology force. In the middle of this year, BaoYeHeng has received the award “Technology Improvement in Products” two first prizes and three second prizes in the 23th Beijing PALM Fair, which fully presents the high-efficiency enterprise quality and positive spirit in brand cultivation.

To implement the conference spirit of national industrialization and informationization and fully promote the quality & brand cultivation in electric audio, China electric audio industry association has concentrated on the industry quality & brand development activities. The audio industry and various electric audio enterprises have supported the activities. At the same time, various electronic sound production enterprises, insiders and industry experts have actively participated in such activities. Under the background of China digital audio & video technology summit forum and based on the principles of fairness, be fair and open, the expert evaluation commission made an integrated evaluation and examination about the candidates, and the selection has drew the conclusion. Finally, five “Model enterprise of brand cultivation” and eight “the industry benchmark of quality” have stood out from hundreds of enterprises, including GuoGuang electric co. Ltd, EdifierTechnologyCo.,Ltd and Henkel KGaA, Matsushita Electronics and so on.

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BaoYeHeng Company has won high affirmation and recognition.

Among those award winners in this competition, BaoYeHeng Company has won two awards and attracted great attention as the leading enterprise in professional digital and network audio. Insiders believe that China electric audio has great expectation in advanced network digital reinforcement.
It is said that BaoYeHeng Company has gained high recognition in the market because of its great improvement of network digital reinforcement technology in recent years. Back to 2001, BaoYeHeng Company has devoted into carry out Total Quality Management (TQM) and has received the International recognition ISO9001. In 2009, BaoYeHeng Company has earned “AAA-grade safety & quality Model enterprise”. Based of that, BaoYeHeng company has set up the excellent system in Total Quality Management in 2010 and has won the “the industry benchmark of quality in China electric audio industry” which is subject to “the evaluation guidelines of quality model enterprises” in 2014.
BaoYeHeng’s vice president Zhou Qilin invited to the conference said that, “First of all, thanks for China electric audio industry association awarding BaoYeHeng such honors and it is a high affirmation for our efforts. Founded in 1993, BaoYeHeng Company has focused on digital professional audio for more than 20 years and devoted to technology innovation and enterprise development. C-Mark, PAL SOUNDBOXX are our flagship brands and our high tech products are digital amplifier, digital mixer, AudioNet network transmitter and processor, digital loudspeakers and other network digital sound system. In 2015, BaoYeHeng Company will still uphold the concept of consistent innovation and continue to use our advanced technology, comprehensive network of digital integrated solutions to provide customers with high quality, professional, caring service.”

BaoYeHeng's "The Quality Benchmark" certificate in 2014

BaoYeHeng's "Model Enterprise of Brand Cultivation" certificate in 2014



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